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Family Worship Series

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In this 5-part teaching series, Matthew Wear will cover what the Scriptures have to teach about the family, God's will for husbands/fathers and wives/mothers, evangelizing and discipling one's children, and worshiping the Lord together as a family throughout the week!

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Part 1:
Biblical Imperative

What does the Bible say about family worship? We will dive into many passages of Scripture to discover God's purpose and will for creating the family and bringing up godly children.

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Part 2:
Husbands and Wifes, 
and Mothers

God has not only commanded that all families worship him, but He's given different roles and instructions on how it's to be done. Though the subject may be controversial today, it's biblical and a necessity to all those who would raise godly families and worship the Lord faithfully.

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Part 3:


What exactly does it look like to evangelize our children? Is it a one-time event? How does one actually share the gospel with their children? Today we'll look at all of this.

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Part 4:


We will go over plenty of practical advice regarding how to conduct family worship in the house and where to begin. Here we take the words of George Whitefield, Voddie Baucham, and others into consideration.

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Part 5:
The Evangelistic Impact

 We will go over the evangelistic impact that practicing family worship in your household will have not only in your household but in the world around it.

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