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Summer Missionary Training School

  • Primary purpose is to train teens and college students to teach 5-Day Clubs though adults are welcomed to take the training as well

  • Held at Mountain View Bible Camp in Danville, PA

  • Classes include: How to teach a Bible Lesson, Discipline, Wordless Book, How to Lead a Child to Christ, Etiquette, and more

  • Summer Missionary Program (must be at least 16 years old): A Summer Missionary learns how to teach all aspects of club. They focus a great deal on how to teach the Bible Lesson and give an Invitation.

  • Trainee Program (must be at least 15 years old): A Trainee assists the Summer Missionary in teaching club. They learn how to teach songs, memory verses, missionary story, missions emphasis, review game, and Correspondence Course puppet. They also train to counsel children, though usually only returning Trainees actually counsel in a club setting. They also learn how to share the Wordless Book though are not required to share at Open-Air on Thursday to graduate.

  • The first week takes place mostly in the classroom. Students watch staff demonstrations, practice with a partner, and then are evaluated by a staff member. The purpose of evaluation is to help you to be the best communicator of the Gospel.

  • The first Thursday students to share the Wordless Book with children accompanied by a staff member.

  • During the second week you prepare to teach an actual 5-Day Club in your home County. Staff members help you refine your skills.

  • The two weeks end with a graduation ceremony.

  • Summer Missionaries and Trainees remark that this is the hardest but best two weeks where they are equipped to share the Gospel in all aspects of life and form lasting friendships.

  • Let us know if you are interested in taking this course. We then can let you know the cost to attend and requirements.

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