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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Good News Club (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays)

    • Bible Teacher

    • Counselor

    • Crowd Control/Listen to Memory Verse/Sitting with the Children

  • Good News Fun Day

    • Man a game

    • Counselor

  • Good News Mini Camp

    • Team Leader (at least 19 years of age): in charge of about 10 children, keeps tracts of points, listens to memory verses, helps with discipline, and encourages the children

    • Junior Counselor (9th to 12th Graders): assists the Team Leader

    • Nurse: registered nurse, doctor, or EMT to take care of injuries or sicknesses, first aid supplies are supplied

    • Interviewer: is trained how to lead a child to Christ if they are ready

  • Hosting a Party Club

  • Hosting a 5-Day Club

All volunteers 18 years or older having contact with children must have clearances. All clearances are good for 5 years. We can use clearances you already have if they are within 5 years. If you need help filling out the below links, give us a call.


* Free for volunteers


* Free for volunteers


* Volunteers who have lived in PA for the past 10 years can sign our wavier.

* Volunteers who have not lived in PA must pay for their fingerprinting. We can reimburse you.

Click here to contact us about volunteer

We will send you our CEF volunteer paperwork in the mail for you to read, sign, and return if you are interested.

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